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Battery Tender Waterproof 800

Battery Tender Waterproof 800, originally uploaded by Raymund G. Martelino.

One thing I observed with the Monster is that it takes a while to warm up and start the engine.
Some say it’s because the engine needs to rev up a bit. Some said it’s probably because of a weak battery.

I wouldn’t want to stall on a ride because of a faulty battery. After all, I got a Ducati and not a Ducatirik!
Here’s a workaround to the battery issue – the Deltran Battery Tender Waterproof 800. Its a compact 800 mA battery charger that will charge the bikes battery even when submersed in water. Tough huh?

The thing is as small as a computer mouse with a long cord to plug into any standard socket.

What it basically does is constantly monitor, trickle charge and maintain the battery. There are some units that can charge car or boat batteries too. Now I won’t worry about being left behind by riding buddies because my bike takes forever to start.

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