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Two Weeks Until HK

I posted this as a status message a few days before the Condura Skyway Marathon:

QUESTION: Why do you run a marathon (42 kilometers)?

ANSWER: Because I can.

Tweaked, here’s the question I ask after the Skyway:

QUESTION: Why do you run two marathons in a row with a two-week interval?

ANSWER: Because I want to know if I still can.

I’m now looking at a two-week recovery with some last-minute training for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.

I leave on the 17th of February to acclimatize to the Hong Kong environment which according to weather websites can be as cold as -6 to -16 degrees. February is said to be the coldest month in Hong Kong. I will be lucky if by race day or mid-Feb, I’d be treated to an “early spring” weather. But according to hkfastfacts.com  February “overall is an unpredictable time for (the) year so not best for visiting.

Hmmm….am I discouraged? Not the least bit.

Here’s the recovery and training plan for the next two weeks:

Sunday – Condura Skyway Marathon 42K

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest, Cold and Hot Pools, Sauna, Massage

Wednesday – 5km easy run

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 8km easy run

Saturday –  10km easy run

Sunday – 1 to 2 hours

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 5km tempo

Wednesday – 5km tempo

Thursday – Departure for HK

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 3km easy jog

Sunday -Hong Kong Marathon Day


February 7, 2011 - Posted by | Miscellaneous, Running, Travel

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