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Sunday Bloody Sunday

It was the last Sunday of the 2010 Bar Exams. A portion of Taft Avenue in Manila was closed to traffic for well wishers, family, friends, fraternity and sorrority members for the annual “Salubong.”


I could hardly hold my camera up to compose a decent shot. I just held the camera up and clicked away. A few minutes after we heard and felt a loud explosion from the middle of the crowd. I was actually on my way to the spot where the explosion happened.


Then there was chaos. People started running away from the blast. First people said that there was someone who threw a pillbox at the UP or San Beda crowd. In a matter of seconds innocent people got hurt by the perpetrators of this ghastly deed. Those injured were rushed to the nearest hospital.


Police were quick to act this time. They immediately secured the area around the crime scene. The bomb squad were deployed a few minutes after the incident.


This was a sad day for the legal community.

Law school is a professional school. Law students should think and act like professionals.

Fraternities, sororities and organizations in law school should promote academic excellence and service rather than mindless violence and a brazen disrespect for human life. It’s time for these people to be accountable and responsible for their actions.

There should be an end to this immaturity.

September 28, 2010 - Posted by | Photography, The Law

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