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After a lot of coaxing I finally agreed to see a doctor for what seemed like a simple pimple. Lo and behold it turned out to be a monster infection.

The E.R. doctor told me that he had to make an incision and drain what was inside. He also warned me that even though he would inject anaesthesia on the wound I would still feel some pain. He was right on that one. I was screaming and cussing inside the E.R. so loud because it felt like he was taking a bullet out of my thigh with his fingers!

The pain was extremely excruciating – an understatement.

Just before the ordeal.

We had to get a basket full of medical supplies for cleaning and nursing the open wound. Drained wound. Drained wallet.

Our coach Edward tells me I should start getting back into regular training because he thinks that my white blood cells and immune system are acting up. It seems that ever since I stopped running and working out regularly I kept having “minor” illnesses like allergies and skin infections. It’s time I took his advice. Once this wound seals up, I promise to get back on the road.

P.S.: I’d like to thank E for bearing the pain with me. May you have steady hands when you do the doctor’s instructions. Please be gentle. 🙂

September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Miscellaneous


  1. ouch! hope the wound heals soon! 😉

    Comment by kulitrunner | September 19, 2010

  2. sana binuhusan mo ng alak after ng incision ala robin padilla hahaha…

    Comment by bobby | September 19, 2010

  3. tatanggalin ko yung slug ng bala. tapos bubuhusan ko ng pulbura. then sisindihan ko sya. poof! Rambo.

    Comment by therainman96 | September 19, 2010

  4. Ito ba yun part pagkatapos mapaligiran ng mga kalaban?

    Comment by lonerunner | September 22, 2010

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