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The Dependables – Batch 2


Presenting the biggest batch of test runners brought to the Rock to try out the very challenging course. The Dependables – Batch 2 are:

1. Rene Villarta – Jazzrunner
2. Roselle Dadal – Running Diva
3. Let Guieb – The Running Mom
4. Roderick Guieb
5. Junrox Roque – Tiger Boy 10
6. Cindy Sevilla –
7. Vima Mendoza – THE Kulitrunner
8. Zinnia Villarin – Onesport
9. Marvin Opulencio – Onesport
10. James Betia – Running Journeying James


Poster shot.

Special thanks to Sun Cruises, Inc. and the Corregidor Foundation, Inc.

September 12, 2010 - Posted by | corregidor, Photography, Running, Travel

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  1. Nice set, Raymund. But I thought ours had the sharpest glass, hahaha.

    Comment by run unltd. | September 13, 2010

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