Everybody Loves Raymund

Harry Hamsterdamn

I got this text from E while I was in a dinner function: “The little boy sa tabing unit natin just rang our bell. And guess what? He gave you a hamster!!! Nasa box! Allergic daw kasi sila. Am freaked out but can’t refuse it. Yikes! What do we do with this?!” Halfway reading the text I was laughing myself out loud in my seat. E is freaked out by the sight or even the thought of rodents.

When I got home this is what I saw on our foyer:


I cracked up in laughter! I checked the contents of the box but it felt light and empty.

When I got in bed, E went for a shower. I jumped up when I heard her shriek. The hamster got out and he was in our bedroom!

I spent the night waiting for it to come out while E cringed in bed. I lured it out of hiding by putting a piece of pan de sal with peanut butter inside the box.


He came in this box. But he chewed his way out so I reinforced it with an old shoe box.


The next day we got him a new loft with a view. It’s fully furnished, with a spacious living and dining area. Of course for his running training and speed drills he can use the bundled treadmill.


Hamsterdamn immediately jumps in the food bin. I placed a few hamster pellets and a piece of pan de sal.


The sleeping room I filled with newpaper shreds and a piece of bread for snacking.


How can you let go of this little critter?


Jules and Monty live right next door to us. Monty likes playing tricks on people on the elevator. One time he placed an real-sized rubber python snake that can scare the living wits out of anyone. He even got me with that prank.


Fixing the other hamster house.


I think Hamsterdamn likes his new house better than the old box and this pink pad. The pet litter though is a hit for the loft house.

I’ll have to take care of him in the meantime until somebody volunteers to get him from us. But knowing Jules and Monty, I bet they’d want him to stay next door to them.

July 18, 2010 - Posted by | Humor, Miscellaneous, Running


  1. i would take him he is so cute but i have all ready fishes a turtle and hermit crabs hehe

    Comment by Grit Cruz | July 18, 2010

  2. hangkyut!!! huy mag-isa lang si harry. he will need the company of hermione and ron! wehehehe!

    Comment by kulitrunner | July 18, 2010

  3. I know he will be sad. But we are not sure we can handle two!

    Comment by therainman96 | July 18, 2010

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