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Friday, June 11, 2010, Manila.

The search was on for a venue where the 2010 FIFA World Cup would be aired. Good food, drinks and ambience is a plus. During the last World Cup clubs and restaurants in Makati and the Fort area set up big screens for the games. Expats and football aficionados flocked to them to support their teams. Cable television networks aired the games via pay-per-view. Unfortunately for us, our cable provider doesn’t have Balls (pun intended). Balls channel airs the games live, for free.

We tried to find a place to catch the second day matches of Argentina vs. Nigeria, England vs. U.S.A. within the Quezon City area. I tried asking the restaurant around if they have World Cup nights but to my disappointment, they are not even aware of what it is! Duh! C’mon, it’s only the biggest sporting event in the world next to (or perhaps on the same plane as) the Olympics.

It appears that on this part of the world, the Philippine Archipelago, we care more about the equalizing upset the Boston Celtics pulled off against the L.A. Lakers a few days ago. Some pinoys say that they don’t like football or soccer because it’s boring. But Filipinos should realize that we can excel at this game. It requires speed, agility and fantastic footwork. Height, which we considerably lack is a immaterial. Compared to the run and gun pace of basketball, indeed football is slow. But that does not mean the game is slow. From the split second when the ball flies from the pitch to the top corner, just slipping through the finger tips of a diving goalkeeper until it hits the net is a moment to be relished with ecstasy. A good game is not necessarily a high-scoring one. In football, the foreplay lasts longer than the orgasm. And they don’t come that often. ;p

I wonder, if Filipinos see football as slow and boring how come running marathons and ultra marathons have gained popularity here as a sport?

June 13, 2010 - Posted by | Miscellaneous


  1. Filipinos (daw) lack attention span to enjoy football.

    Mas gusto raw naten ang puro highlights gaya ng slam dunks.

    Di lang alam ng marami na mas maraming guwapo sa world cup kesa NBA.

    Ang guwapo ni C. Ronaldo! Heheh

    Ano team mo?

    Comment by lonerunner | June 29, 2010

  2. I was in a bar watching the Brazil vs. Portugal game. There was an annoying guy who was talking so loud about the game being goal-less! That game was really exciting. The anticipation of scoring keeps you breathless.

    I’m rooting for a Brazil vs. Argentina final game.

    Comment by therainman96 | June 30, 2010

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