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2009 Bar Exam Results Out

Congratulations to the new Utopian lawyers!

Attorneys GB Barroa, Darren De Jesus, Imer Templora, Lyle Pasco, Aris Manguera TJ Rocamora. Paolo Abarquez, Garri Calabio, Joseph Banguis, Raffy Del Rosario, Richard Cruz, Elliot Mondez, Job Gesmundo, Alex Ner, Ipe Closa, Lean Abarquez, Ting Dayao, James Villanueva, Jur Baddiri, Vic Ong, Deo Bautista, Bryan Mallillin and EJ Labro.

Mabuhay kayo brods!

Utopia Fight!

Click on the link for a full list of the results.


The anxious crowd waited until 10pm for the results.


Justice Antonio B. Nachura, announces the top ten. The list of successful examinees were flashed in 3 projection screens.

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  1. Rockstar Rocamora!!!

    Comment by marga | March 27, 2010

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