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Amazing Kidneys, Amazing Kids

After too many races in the BHS/Fort area I decided to join a race in UP Diliman for a change.

The Amazing Kidney Race was for kidney patients and for raising awareness on kidney conditions. For a small race the turnout for the event was better than expected. The marshals were informed and the water stations were adequate. The route though was not the best of the UP Campus. I would have preferred to go through the tree-lined avenues inside the campus than the Commonwealth and Katipunan strips.

I got there early as I signed up for the 15k event hoping to do a 1:15 or at least a 1:20. Gun start had to be delayed until 6:20 because of setting up issues.

I started with a pretty decent pace, maintaining it until the turnaround but after reaching the halfway mark I just lost the drive to finish. Maybe it was the heat or maybe it was something else in my head at that time. I just decided to call it quits.

This is probably my first DNF. No biggie. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.


5k runners dash on gun start. Note the summers sun piercing the academic oval canopy.

It was nice to see parents running with their kids.


Some kids had to be dragged…


…to the finish though. 🙂

I myself needed a little dragging at that time too.


Who says you can’t run with only one kidney? Really amazing.


Mark, Dingdong (MD Category 2nd place, 15k), Marga, Tiffin (2nd Place, 5k ) and Me (DNF by choice).

March 8, 2010 - Posted by | Running

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  1. Rayms, pare, many tks for the kind words. Promise bawi ako next time.

    Comment by Edward | March 11, 2010

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