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Where in the world?

Where in the world would you like to run?

I’m not exactly referring to organized races like the SG or NY Marathons but destinations where you can leisurely tour and explore the place – running. Note however that in this list of mine are destination races that can probably give the sensory fix I am looking for.

After a short run last night I felt the need to find other running routes. The usual race venues, i.e. BHS, UP, Roxas Blvd., MOA seem to have lost their appeal to me.
The streets of Metro Manila are neither pedestrian nor runner-friendly. We have very few parks and open spaces. What we have an abundance of are airconditioned malls that are like partitioned shoeboxes.

Now, if I were to go on tour, here are the top ten cities or places out of the country that I would like to visit and explore with a good pair of running shoes.

It’s just wishful thinking.

1. Paris, France


The first time E and I arrived in Paris there was a half mary. After a month, the night before we left, there was a full marathon. Talk about missed chances.


I wonder how it feels to pound on cobble stone streets.

2. Rome, Italy


Rolling hills, the Forum ruins, the Vatican City, pizza, pasta and gelato, what more can you ask for? I may have been a Roman statesman in my past life because I will never get enough of Rome.


I know I’m coming back!

3. New York, Chicago, Boston USA

NY is “a must” according to TBR. And I agree to that. Who doesn’t want to experience running in the Big Apple?


Chicago and Boston have qualifying standards. Assuming I meet them, it’s a go for these two races.

4. Egypt


(Photo by Richard Nowitz, travel.nationalgeographic.com)

5. Africa

I am sure the Big Five Marathon is an adventure that will truly be unforgettable. This year, runners who will join can even hit two birds with one stone: the Big Five Marathon and the FIFA 2010 World Cup set in South Africa.

The Big Five Marathon® in South Africa is to be held among the wildlife of the African savannah. Runners from all over the world will meet in one of the most spectacular “Big Five” game reserves in Africa. In these magnificent surroundings, one can combine exciting game drives with a challenging marathon route going right through the habitat of the most famous African game: Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. No fences, no rivers, nothing at all separates the runners from the African wildlife.In 2010 you can combine running The Big Five Marathon with watching the FIFA World Cup in football/soccer also taking place in South Africa starting June 11th.


Big Five Marathon in South Africa starting line.

6. Australia or New Zealand

Think Lord of the Rings. Cross country running like Aragorn, Legolas and the Hobbits.


Think the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor.


7. China

There’s also a Great Wall Marathon that’s definitely in my “to do” list.


8. Brazil


9. Moscow, Russia


The Red Square. (russian.arizona.edu/russia.jpg)

10. Greece


Meditereanean sun and sea in Santorini, Greece. Hill work and steps.


Of course there should be a visit to Athens. In honor of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, who is said to have ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians.

A long run where it all began should be very interesting.

Other places in my list would be:

11. London, England

12. Barcelona, Spain

13. Japan

14. Cuba

15. Marrakesh, Morocco

February 25, 2010 - Posted by | Running, Travel


  1. Yahoo! We will go to ALL these places together! I can’t wait! 😉

    Comment by Eisthemissus | February 25, 2010

  2. Athens Greece is our destintation this year for the Athens Marathon with the 2500th celebration it will be by far the most exciting. We are an offical agent for these fabulous event and welcome runners, walkers and spectators to come and join us. Please contact me at juliej@cartan.com if you are interested as an individual or a group. I will be right along side you on the route from Marathon to Athens…!

    Comment by Julie Jentges | February 26, 2010

  3. Thanks Julie! Will email you if we get the chance to join.

    Comment by therainman96 | February 26, 2010

  4. AKO RIN!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Marga | February 28, 2010

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